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Listen to Hanneman’s and King’s isolated guitar track on “Black Magic”

Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King

Heavy Metal

Listen to Hanneman’s and King’s isolated guitar track on “Black Magic”

With amazing guitar riffs “Black Magic” is a classic Slayer song from “Show No Mercy”, their debut studio album, released in December 1983 through Metal Blade Records.


The tune proves how Kerry King and the late Jeff Hanneman worked  great together. And to honor that great partnership, you must hear the isolated guitar tracks from this amazing song.

Check it out:

Album history

Brian Slagel signed the band to Metal Blade after watching the band perform the song “Phantom of the Opera” by Iron Maiden.

The band self-financed their debut album, combining the savings of vocalist Tom Araya, who was employed as a respiratory therapist, and money borrowed from guitarist Kerry King’s father.

Touring extensively promoting the album, the band brought close friends and family members along the trip, who helped backstage with lighting and sound. Although criticized for poor production quality, it became Metal Blade Records’ highest selling release, also producing the songs “The Antichrist,” “Black Magic” and “Fight Till Death,” which are played at Slayer’s live shows regularly.

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