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Listen to Ex-Journey Steve Perry new song “No Erasin”

Steve Perry new song

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Listen to Ex-Journey Steve Perry new song “No Erasin”

Steve Perry, former lead singer of Journey released the first solo single, “No Erasin”. The track is part of the Traces album which will be released on October 5th by Fantasy Records.


Traces is the first solo album since For The Love Of Strange Medicine, released in 1994.

Check it out:

“Years ago I disappeared,” he said. “There were many reasons, but mostly, my love for music had suddenly disappeared. […] My precious Kellie gave me a life I never knew I had. I lost it in December 2012. Now I deeply understand the meaning of ‘It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved’. These songs are special to me. ”

Traces track list:
  1. “No Erasin”
  2. “We’re Still Here”
  3. “Most Of All”
  4. “No More Cryin’ “
  5. “In The Rain”
  6. “Sun Shines Gray”
  7. “You Belong To Me”
  8. “Easy To Love”
  9. “I Need You”
  10. “We Fly”
Deluxe bonus track:
  1. “October In New York”
  2. “Angel Eyes”
  3. “Call On Me”
  4. “Could We Be Somethin’ Again”
  5. “Blue Jays Fly”
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