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Listen to Swiss band that makes KISS reggae cover versions

Kiss reggae


Listen to Swiss band that makes KISS reggae cover versions

That may sound like the worst idea ever since Gene Simmons tried to patent the Metal symbol, but the result tells a different story. Reggae Kiss is a Swedish band dedicated to creating unusual versions of the songs of the iconic band. The idea came during a jam session between the cast of Dressed To Thrill, a tribute to Kiss.

When recording and publishing his first work, a cover of “I Stole Your Love” on Youtube, the group was successful on the Internet and has since shared different versions of Kiss classics.

Kiss classic formation

“We loved Kiss so it was a natural choice. Everything we do is with love and respect for the original work, “said Christopher Hansson, one of the founding members of Reggae Kiss.

Now the group has transformed the classic “Creatures Of The Night” into a reggae. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have both gaven “thumbs up” and shared the videos on their personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Hear the song below:

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