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Liam Gallagher leaves Lollapalooza Chile after only four songs

Liam Gallgher leaves the stage on Lollapalooza

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Liam Gallagher leaves Lollapalooza Chile after only four songs

Singer Liam Gallagher left the stage at Lollapalooza Chile after playing only four songs in his repertoire, according to local sources.

Local newspapers and Twitter users said the musician was unhappy with audio problems from the stage and also with his own voice. “My voice is bad and the sound is horrible,” the singer said after singing the third song on the set, according to T13.

Liam Gallagher

A fan also recorded the exact moment where Liam explains why he was finishing the concert. In the video, the singer says he “can’t sing the songs” and asks the public to continue with their energy in the following shows.

After the abandonment, several members of the audience began to boo and swear at the singer.

It’s worth remembering that this is not the first time Liam has does this. Last year, when performing at Chicago’s Lollapalooza, the singer also left the stage after the third song.

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