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Lars Ulrich reveals which heavy metal band is currently his favorite

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Lars Ulrich reveals which heavy metal band is currently his favorite

Recently Lars Ulrich spoke during his show on Beats 1 Radio, “I’ts Electric!”, About his new favorite band: Bokassa.

“I’ve heard a lot of the first record and all the songs are on another level, and there’s a really cool video called ‘No Control’ donein black and white and showing the guys having a beer in a bar. It’s filmed with a camera, and suddenly they come up behind the guys’ friends to help them sing the song and get their beer. I know it does not sound too elaborate yet it worked really well, it’s really cool. ”

See below the video that Lars refers to, and then listen to his statement about the band:

Lars Ulrich Om Bokassa

So…Lars Ulrich of METALLICA has a radio show and last night he called us his "favourite new band". INSANE.

Posted by Bokassa on Monday, January 29, 2018

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