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Judas Priest launches website for you to write in the band’s typography

Judas Priest name generator

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Judas Priest launches website for you to write in the band’s typography

After releasing Firepower and the Specter music video, Judas Priest provided a free “name generator” tool with the band logo.


Forge your name in steel by clicking here

Judas Priest drummer says that Firepower is the most organic album since Painkiller

Firepower was released on March 9 via Epic Records. The successor to Redeemer Of Souls, released in 2014, was produced by Tom Allom, Mike Exeter and Andy Sneap, who will replace Glenn Tipton on the Firepower tour due to the advance of Parkinson’s.

The decision not to tour Tipton made former guitarist K.K. Downing make a statement saying he was “stunned and stunned” by not being invited to join the band.


Asked by Wsou 89.5 FM if Firepower is heavier than the last release in 2014, guitarist Richie Faulkner said: “I think ‘heavy’ can mean many different things – could be heavy in terms of sound, could be heavy in terms of speed, could be heavy in terms of lyrical content”.

“So it is difficult to know what the interpretation of someone. I think it’s a more energetic record – I think there are more fires in it – and that’s one reason why ‘Firepower’ was a relevant title to call the album. It has that kind of intensity.”

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