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John Fogerty and Billy Gibbons releases new song “Holy Grail” – Listen

Billy Gibbons and John Fogerty


John Fogerty and Billy Gibbons releases new song “Holy Grail” – Listen

In the middle of a tour alongside ZZ Top, John Fogerty joined Billy Gibbons in the collaboration of a new song. “Holy Grail” brings a letter about mystical plans and the nectar of the gods until the two artists join their voices in the chorus.


“Working with John Fogerty to create a song is incredible,” Gibbons told Rolling Stone magazine, “It’s a classic with an exciting climax.”

Listen to the song below:

Fogerty and ZZ Top began their Blues and Bayes Tour in May of this year and will return at the end of June for their North American tour. The former frontman of Creedence Clearwater Revival released his latest work in 2013, the album Wrote a Song for Everyone while ZZ Top released La Futura a year earlier. In 2015, Gibbons released the first solo career album, Perfectamundo.

“ZZ Top is one of my favorite bands,” Fogerty said in a press statement announcing the track, “and Billy Gibbons is one of my favorite guitarists.”

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