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The tragic story of John Entwistle’s death

John Entwistle death


The tragic story of John Entwistle’s death

The Who‘s John Entwistle was definitely one of the best bassists of all time. He was born in England on 9 October 1944 and died on 27 June 2002 in Las Vegas. John was the only member of the band to have formal musical training. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Who in 1990.


The Who tragedies

The Who is a band that can claim to have kept their original line up as far as possible. But things don’t always happen in favor. The 55-year-old legendary group suffered two major career losses: drummer Keith Moon, that died in 1978 after an overdose. After that bassist John Entwistle, who died in 2002.

John Entwistle’s death

John Entwistle 2001

That year, after performing only once in 2001, The Who was preparing to go on tour with a new show – their last album at the time was 1982’s It’s Hard. On June 27, 2002, however, the day before the concert tour began, plans changed.

John was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a band performance in Las Vegas, accompanied by a groupie. After a night of celebration, the bassist was found dead by the girl in the morning, on the day of the show. He had a heart attack caused by excessive cocaine use.

After Entwistle’s death, The Who, with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, decided not to cancel the tour. But only to postpone the first two shows. The first performance happened on July 1 of that year, and the members honored Entwistle and wore black throughout the tour.

John Entwistle was even honored by bands such as Rush, Oasis and Red Hot Chili Peppers shortly after his death. In its place the British group recruited Pino Palladino, a hired bassist who has worked with names like D’Angelo and John Mayer.

The Who first concert after John Entwistle’s death:

The Who rehearsal with John Entwistle few weeks before his death

John Entwistle death news

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