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Huey Lewis explains what he does with unfinished songs

Huey Lewis

Classic Rock

Huey Lewis explains what he does with unfinished songs

Huey Lewis first achieved fame with his band in the early 80s and 90s, releasing many hits like “Do You Believe In Love”, “I Want a New Drug”, “Stuck With You”, Hip To Be Square” and “The Power Of Love”.


Since 1980 he released 10 studio albums with his band and have sold an estimated amount of more than 30 million records worldwide.

The singer recently explained on the band’s official Instagram, what he does with unfinished songs.

Huey Lewis explains what he does with unfinished songs

“Well, you try (To go back to them). You imagine you are going to use parts of the song. Trouble is, sometimes you poison them. You write them up and they are not very good. It could be your voice or you’re not suited for the song.”

“Maybe I am the wrong singer for a song. Maybe it is a song for a different singer. It is complicated. Chris Hayes and I have written a couple of songs like that and it just doesn’t make the grade for some reason. And yet, they are among my favorite stuff. You never know,” Huey Lewis said.

Also on the band’s Instagram, Lewis had recently said why good songs always come to a songwriter naturally.

“Good songs can’t be conjured up. They have to come to you. You have to be a vessel through which these good ideas flow and just be receptive. You have to be listening. There’s no way to just say, “I’m going to go write a song right now and have it be a great song. It’s all luck,” Huey Lewis said.

 The band’s line-up

Besides Huey, the current members of the group are Sean Hopper (Keyboards), Bil Gibson (Drums), Johnny Colla (Rhythm guitar, saxophone), John Pierce (Bass), Stef Burns (Lead guitar)  and James Harrah (Rhythm guitar).

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