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How much money Jimmy Page accumulate after years with Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page Net Worth

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How much money Jimmy Page accumulate after years with Led Zeppelin

In 1970, at the height of his career, Led Zeppelin gathered many fans and managed to raise millions of dollars in tours and recordings. According to Celebrity Net Worth, only Jimmy Page, the band’s guitarist, raised about $ 170 million from the group’s work.


The high price is mainly due to the gains made during Led Zeppelin’s tours in the 1970s. On May 4, 1973, for example, the band gathered 49,000 fans at the Brave Stadium in Atlanta and raised $ 246,000. (amount that would currently be equivalent to US $ 1.4 million).

On May 5, 1973, the band performed in Tampa for an audience of 57,000 people, and raised $ 309,000 (currently equivalent to $ 1.75 million). If in just two performances the band received about US $ 3 million, one can imagine the total amount received by the members throughout their career.

Jimmy Page manages the band’s legacy

In addition to the shows, Led Zeppelin sold more than 300 million recordings, including CDs, albums and singles. The band occupies the 4th place in number of official sales, which reaches 111 million units.

Even with the end of Led Zeppelin due to the death of drummer John Bonham, Jimmy Page money does not end. The guitarist is responsible for managing the band’s legacy, and works on re-releases that seem to make millions more possible in the bank account.

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