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Heavy metal was the fastest-growing musical genre in 2018, study says

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Heavy metal was the fastest-growing musical genre in 2018, study says

K-pop? Trap? None of this, the musical style that grew the most in 2018 was Heavy Metal. A statistics study of TuneCore, an independent digital music distribution platform, used data from its streaming service to measure growth for each genre.


To the surprise of many, heavy metal had a 154% increase in the reproductions, ahead of J-Pop and R & B / Soul.

Check the list below:
  • Heavy metal – 154%
  • J-Pop – 133%
  • R&B/Soul – 68%
  • K-Pop – 58%
  • World music – 57%
  • Instrumental – 42%

It is worth noting that this obviously does not mean that the genre is the largest in the world, only that its rate of growth has been higher. Styles like K-Pop are already giants, so their growth rates tend to be smaller after a staggering size.

Another surprising finding is that streaming grew 146% in Africa in 2018, while other continents grew less significantly.

Scott Ackerman, CEO of TuneCore, said:

TuneCore is the only global platform that pays artists 100% of what they earn with streaming and digital downloads, as well as serving all of their needs in distribution, promotion and publishing management. By 2019, we’re seeing a big boost in helping our clients develop sustainable careers by finding new revenue in formats and channels.

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