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Hear Ozzy Osbourne’s isolated vocals on Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf”

Hear Ozzy Osbourne’s isolated vocals on Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf

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Hear Ozzy Osbourne’s isolated vocals on Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf”

“Sweet Leaf” is a song by Black Sabbath from their third studio album Master of Reality, released in 1971. It is considered as one of the band’s signature songs. It was included on their initial greatest hits compilation We Sold Our Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll (1976).

The song begins with a tape loop of guitarist Tony Iommi coughing from a joint he was smoking with bandmate Ozzy Osbourne. The song refers to marijuana, which the band was using frequently. The title of the song was taken from a packet of Irish cigarettes which said “It’s the sweet leaf”.

Now, you’ve got the chance to hear Ozzy Osbourne awesome isolated vocals.

Check it out:

The original version of the song has been made available and playable in music video game Guitar Hero 5 on 29 March 2010. A cover of the song is also available for download in the similar Rock Band series.

The Beastie Boys sampled the main riff for their song “Rhymin & Stealin” from their debut album Licensed to Ill. The Butthole Surfers covered the song on their 1987 album Locust Abortion Technician album, altering the title to “Sweat Loaf”.

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