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“Great Unknown Songs #12 – AC/DC “Heatseeker”

“Great Unknown Songs #12 – ACDC Heatseeker (1)

Classic Rock

“Great Unknown Songs #12 – AC/DC “Heatseeker”

AC/DC is like the Beatles of Hard Rock, you hardly gonna find bad songs on their discography and among so many hits, many great songs remain less remembered these days.


One of them is “Heatseeker”, that appeared on their 1988 album Blow Up Your Video as the first track. The track was also released as a single in various formats, with “Go Zone” as the main B-side.

On reaching No.12 in the UK singles chart in 1988, it became their biggest UK chart hit and remained so for 25 years until Highway to Hell reached No.4 in December 2013.

“Heatseeker” by AC/DC

Blow Up Your Video (1988)

The drummer

Simon Wright was the drummer of the band in this album. Just a month shy of turning twenty years old, joined AC/DC after their drummer, Phil Rudd, left in May 1983.

AC/DC recorded three albums with Wright in the mid-late 80s; Fly on the Wall, Who Made Who and Blow Up Your Video. Wright left the group in November 1989 to join Dio, and was replaced by Chris Slade.

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