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Great Forgotten Songs #67 – Chuck Berry “No Particular Place To Go”

Chuck Berry


Great Forgotten Songs #67 – Chuck Berry “No Particular Place To Go”

“No Particular Place to Go” by Chuck Berry was released as a single by Chess Records in May 1964 and released on the album St. Louis to Liverpool in November 1964.

The tune was recorded on March 25, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois and features the same music as Berry’s earlier hit “School Days”.

Hear the song below:

The song is comical four verse story. In the first verse the narrator is cruising in his car with his girlfriend, and they kiss. In the second they start to cuddle, and drive slow. In the third they decide to park and take a walk, but are unable to release the seat belt. In the last verse they drive home, defeated by the recalcitrant seat belt.

The session(s) during which “No Particular Place to Go” was recorded were produced by Leonard and Phil Chess, and backing Berry were pianist Paul Williams, drummer Odie Payne, and an unknown bassist.

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