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Gene Simmons says “I love the sound of my own voice”

Gene Simmons says “I love the sound of my own voice”

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Gene Simmons says “I love the sound of my own voice”

As you already know Gene Simmons has one of biggest ego’s in the world. And he talked with The Guardian who much he love himself.


Check it out what he said:

“I’m my own biggest fan. I’m delusionally fascinated by myself. I love the sound of my own voice.

“If you don’t feel like that, fake it until you believe it. If you like yourself, it’s the sexiest thing in the world.”

gene simmons 2018

“Success is about what you do with what you have. At school, they teach you that we are all born equal. That’s horseshit.

“School doesn’t prepare you for anything. Life has no rules. Some people are born smarter; some people are born able to run faster. You’re not supposed to say that, but it’s true. Unfair, but it’s true.

gene simmons interview

“Power isn’t a good or a bad thing, just like fire is neither a good nor a bad thing. You can cook your food with it, or it can burn you. Power is amoral. It’s how you use it. I feel the same way about guns.”

Now, read what he said about his hair:

“I’m proud of still having my own hair. It’s messed up from years of bad hairspray and breathing fire onstage, but it’s all mine. I’m grey, so I have to dye it, but it’s mine. Sadly, as the years pass, and the less I have on my head, the more I have on my back and my ass, and in my nose.”

gene simmons and wife 2018

And about drugs and alcohol:

“I’ve never got high or got drunk in my life. I don’t like the taste of alcohol. I don’t like cigarettes. I don’t like drugs.

“On the day science tells me all of the above will make my schmekel bigger or I’ll get smarter or make more money, I’m right at the head of the line. But it doesn’t do that. If you drink too much, you’re going to throw up on the shoes of the girl. I don’t get it.”

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