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Gene Simmons says he’s never been drunk and asks rockstars to “stop drugs”

Gene Simmons says he's never been drunk and asks rockstars to stop drugs

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Gene Simmons says he’s never been drunk and asks rockstars to “stop drugs”

After creating many polemics over the past few years, Gene Simmons has a “conscious” message to give his colleagues in the industry.


Upon being interviewed by TMZ, the musician was asked about a statement he had made recently, stating that “rockstars need to stop their fascination with drugs.”

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In his response, Simmons pointed out that he had never been “drunk or stoned” in his entire life and said that people need to “wake up and smell the coffee”.

“It is so destructive … there are children accompanying. Every time an idiot plays a guitar and gets drunk or stoned, kids watch. You have to stop.”

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So the interviewer says drugs are “part of the Rock lifestyle,” and the musician readily responds, “According to whom? You can make your own rules. “Then, pointing to his own hand, he continues,” I’m 68 years old. [The hand] does not shake, does it? “, Laughing.

Before driving to his car, Simmons adds: “Do not use drugs, do not get drunk.”

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