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Freddie Mercury didn’t tell his mother he was sick, but she discovered

Freddie Mercury Jer Bulsara mother


Freddie Mercury didn’t tell his mother he was sick, but she discovered

Far from the stage, Freddie Mercury was a reserved person and rarely exposed personal problems. Queen’s singer never revealed to friends and family that he had AIDS, not even to his mother, Jer Bulsara.


In 2012, the rock star’s mother gave an interview to The Telegraph and talked about how her son separated professional and personal life. She said, “Freddie kept a strict division between his work and his whole life.”

Jer also said that his son was very respectful of his family. He never forced his parents or sister to understand his life choices, such as profession, sexual choice, and illness.

“Neither his sexuality nor his illness were discussed at home. He protected us by never discussing such matters”.

She added:

“It’s quite different now, but back there it would have been very difficult for him to tell us and we respect his feelings.”

Freddie Mercury Jer Bulsara

Despite conflicts between the singer and the family, his mother said no fan would ever love Mercury the way she loved. She also revealed that she did not need confirmation from her son to know that he was ill.

“He never had to say anything. I knew he was very sick.” Jer answered when asked if he had visited the artist in his last days.

Freddie Mercury died of pneumonia at age 45 in 1991, long before his mother died at age 94 in 2016. At the time of Jer’s death, guitarist Brian May wrote a text in which he revealed details of the relationship. from both.

Brian May said:

“Jer was a warm and devoted mother to Freddie. And, like Freddie, always had a bright sparkle in his eyes … In the private moments of recent years, out of the spotlight, Jer always had a cup of tea. Ready to welcome us and we were always willing to talk about ‘My Freddie’ without shyness,” said the musician.

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