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Find out which are the saddest riffs of all time

Top 10 saddest riffs


Find out which are the saddest riffs of all time

The eclectic list in the video below, written by Blend Guitar channel, shows the ten saddest riffs of all time. There are some bonus credits, such as Slipknot, Eric Clapton, System of a Down, Sting, Opeth, Pantera, Megadeth, Metallica, Buckethead, Radiohead, Iron Maiden, Alter Bridge, Guns N ‘Roses and Alice in Chains. in the video as being “honorable mentions”.

Check it out:

What is a riff?

A riff is a progression of chords, intervals or musical notes, which are repeated in no context of a song, forming a basis or accompaniment. Riffs generally form a harmonious basis of music, blues and rock. Riffs are often compound phrases for electric guitar, but can often be used with riffs for other instruments such as bass, piano, keyboards, etc.

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