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Find out all about the four Led Zeppelin symbols

Find out all about the four Led Zeppelin symbols


Find out all about the four Led Zeppelin symbols

As shown in the figure above, each symbol is associated with a member of Led Zeppelin.


Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page Symbol

The Jimmy Page symbol, is linked in the word ZoSo, this version of the symbol, seems to have been designed by the guitarist himself; however, there are records of the symbol for the first time in 1557, in the book Ars Magica Arteficii, an alchemy book and in 1982 in the Dictionary of Occultism and Alchemical Symbols, by Fred Gettings. The symbol is very much associated with astrology, but Page never publicly revealed its meaning.

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones symbol

The three oval shapes that intersect next to a single circle form the symbol of bassist John Paul Jones. This symbol was taken from a book of runes, and symbolizes a confident and competent person.

John Bonham

John Bonham symbol

The three interconnected circles form the symbol of drummer John Bonham. They represent the trinity of father, mother and son. And there are rumors that Bonham’s favorite beer would have this symbol on its label, Ballantine’s Ale Ale.

Robert Plant

Robert Plant symbol

Now the last, and not least important; the Robert Plant is simply a pity, and this, represents the great Egyptian goddess Ma’at, which means loyalty, truth and justice. And according to Egyptian mythology, Anubis, God of judgment and death, takes the hearts of those who die and puts on a scale with the pen of Ma’at, if the heart is heavier than the penalty, the soul of the person goes to the hell, otherwise the soul goes to the heavens.

See more about it in the video below:

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