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Did Ozzy Osbourne really eat a bat?

Ozzy Osbourne Bat


Did Ozzy Osbourne really eat a bat?

Yes it’s true. The story began in 1981 when Ozzy was waiting to sign a contract with a record label and tore off the head of a white dove. The animal would be released as a sign of peace, but the singer was under the effect of different substances and resolved to do that.


Months later, Osbourne was performing on his Night of the Living Dead tour, where, at the end of each show, he used to throw pieces of meat in the audience. Over time, the audience began to also play the game, throwing pieces of meat and small animals in the singer

On January 20, 1982, the tour arrived in Des Moines, Iowa, where 17-year-old Mark Neal threw a real bat – which he believed to be dead – to the stage where Ozzy was. According to Mark, his younger brother had found the animal two weeks earlier

The singer imagined that it was just a plastic toy and imitated the dove incident in 1981, biting the head of the defenseless animal. The musician didn’t expect the bat to be real and that he was alive.

Ozzy reported that he felt a small bite in his mouth and the blood of the bug trickling down his throat. Immediately, the singer stepped off the stage and was rushed to the Broadlaws Medical Center in the city to take doses of rabies vaccine. And the case is now history.

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