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Dave Mustaine says he is the founder member of Metallica

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Dave Mustaine says he is the founder member of Metallica

Dave Mustaine, frontman of Megadeth, is one of the most active artists in his social networks, mainly in Twitter.


The musician answers whenever possible the questions, doubts and comments of his fans. This time, Mustaine replied to a fan who posted “Dave did not form Metallica. James and Lars, yes. But he’s a great musician. ”

Answering , Mustaine claimed to be the co-founder of Metallica:

After all, is Mustaine or not one of the founders of Metallica? According to the band’s website, “Metallica, one of the biggest bands in the United States, was founded on October 28, 1981, when drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield teamed up following an unpublished announcement by Ulrich.

Soon, they recruited Hetfield’s friend and housemouse Ron McGovney to play bass, Dave Mustaine to play guitar and used the name Metallica as a suggestion of their friend Ron Quintana.

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