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Dave Grohl recalls when he played “Whole Lotta Love” with Prince

Dave Grohl playing Led Zeppelin with Prince


Dave Grohl recalls when he played “Whole Lotta Love” with Prince

Dave Grohl shared an unusual story during an interview on the American program Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The frontman of Foo Fighters recalled the day he played Led Zeppelin’s classic “Whole Lotta Love” with Prince. Grohl says he met him in May 2011 when he went to see his show at the Forum in Los Angeles, California, when Prince was doing a 21-act residency at the venue. “I was there with about 20 friends and we were all drunk when someone came and told me he wanted to meet me,” he says.

“He wanted to play something that night but I was very drunk, so when I went to talk to him, I asked him when he wanted to play and he said, ‘How about this Friday?'” So Grohl goes on to say that he waited all week for Prince’s call, but it never happened, so on the advice of a friend, he went to find the singer.

“I got there and the arena was empty. He saw me and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ And I said, ‘Are not we going to play?’ ” And then Grohl sat behind the drums and they started playing “Whole Lotta Love”.

“It was the most incredible experience of my life, and there was no one there,” he recalls, “The Forum was empty.”

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