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Back In Time: Dave Mustaine says black magic ruined his life

Black Magic and Dave Mustaine


Back In Time: Dave Mustaine says black magic ruined his life

In an interview with Ultimate Guitar in March 2011, Dave Mustaine was asked if he planned to play the album Peace Sells in full, as he was about to turn 25. Megadeth’s vocalist and guitarist explained his reasons for specifically avoiding the track “The Conjuring.”

Read what he said:

“In terms of performance, “The Conjuring” is one of the heavier songs. But unfortunately the lyrics talk about black magic, so I promised not to touch it any more. There are many instructions on how to do witchcraft in it. Although it sounds silly, anyone who is adept will know that this whole thing has meaning.”

“When I ventured into black magic in my youth, I cast spells upon people. And it haunted me forever, I had many torments. People said, “My God, Dave never relaxes, he has a difficult life.” And I’d think, “No, Dave got into black magic and it ruined his life.” It was not like I was just a bad guy. Fortunately, with all the effort and love of my friends, besides not giving up playing guitar, I overcame. So I don’t want to play “The Conjuring” anymore.”

Hear the song below:


Welcome to out sanguinary sect of worship.

Feel at home in our black conventicle,

As we anathematise

All of those who oppose us.

Don’t summon the devil,

Don’t call the priests,

If you need the strength

The conjuring. Obey!!!

Behold the flames rise

From the compass’ cardinal points.

Burn the sacred oil,

And, with the ashes you’ll annoint.

Arrange the symbols,

Of the wizard, and, magician.

Light the candles,

Place the parchment paper in position.

Between its leaves place

The lash from a black cat’s eye,

A straw of a broom,

Fold, and, burn, and, centralise.

Don’t summon the devil,

Don’t call the priests,

If you need the strength,

The conjuring.

I am the devil’s advocate,

A salesman, if you will

You know my name. [You know my name]

I met your father years ago,

Gave him what he’d please.

He called my name, you’ll do the same.

I’m claiming what is mine by right,

It’s time to close the deal.

You’re bought and sold, bought and sold.

Come join me in my infernal depths,

Mephisto’s hall of fame.

I’ve got your soul, I’ve got your soul.

The conjuring. Obey!!!

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