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Another sexual harassment charge against Gene Simmons is removed after agreement

Gene Simmons

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Another sexual harassment charge against Gene Simmons is removed after agreement

Kiss singer and bassist Gene Simmons will made an out-of-court settlement with a woman who claims to have been bullied and touched by the musician at the opening event of his restaurant chain, Rock & Brews, in El Segundo, California. in 2016. The girl worked washing dishes in the kitchen of the establishment.


In her testimony, the official said that Gene Simmons “forcibly placed her hand in her vagina”, “completely covering her”, after he agreed to take a picture with her. She further stated that she witnessed Simmons behaving in a “sexually abusive” way with other restaurant employees. Among the supposed acts mentioned, Gene would have the habit of touching the women’s hair and asking them to unbutton their shirts.

Gene Simmons without make up

In an update on the case, which reached US court in December last year, the woman filed a motion to dismiss the case from the judges’ hand. According to the website The Blast, which obtained access to the documents, although the request does not indicate the existence of an agreement, it appears that Gene Simmons has offered an amount, out of court, for the complaint to be withdrawn.


It is not the first time that Gene Simmons has been charged in court with sex crimes in recent times. In 2017, he was sued by a journalist who said she had been subjected to sexual harassment and gender violence.

According to the motion of the journalist in question, who works on a radio station in the United States, Gene Simmons would have forced her hands on his knees, placed his hands on her neck, probed her buttocks and made inappropriate comments during an event held at a restaurant in California in November 2017.

The case was also settled with an out-of-court settlement in terms that were not disclosed.

In April last year, Gene Simmons went so far as to say that the lawsuit had been dismissed by the court with no possibility of appealing – which is not the case, since it was even concluded. “It has already been rejected with finality,” Simmons said at the time. “Let’s go after this person. When I was growing up and someone was saying something bad about you, you could sue her for defamation,” he added.

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