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Alice Cooper says his 95 years old mother is his biggest fan

Alice Cooper mother

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Alice Cooper says his 95 years old mother is his biggest fan

During a recent conversation with The Guardian, Alice Cooper talked about his mother Ella Mae Furnier while remembering the old days. In a new interview with The Guardian the legendary Alice Cooper talked about his 95 year old mother Ella Mae Furnier.


The 70-year-old singer said:

“The first thing I ever remember was my mother changing me at a bus stop. I was so embarrassed. Of course, I was 14 at the time. I jest. I was probably about two years old…

“I was a church kid. I went every Wednesday night, Friday night, all day Sunday. My family had no problem with rock ‘n’ roll. My parents were actually champion jitterbuggers in their day.

“It was the lifestyle they were concerned about. The drugs. The sleeping around. And they had a point. It was only when I got sober and had seen all my friends die that I realized they had a point. I’m making the best records I’ve ever made and my health is fantastic. I didn’t need that other stuff.

“My mother lives with me. She’s a tiger. She’s 95 and is my biggest fan. If you say anything bad about Alice Cooper, she’ll be on top of you. I was lucky to get the parents I did.”

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