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Alice Cooper says Halestorm is one of the new good rock bands

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Alice Cooper says Halestorm is one of the new good rock bands

In an interview on Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, the legendary Alice Cooper talked about the current state of rock and roll. And he said that Lzzy Hale’s Halestorm is one of the best bands from nowadays.


He said:

“I think there’s a new dawning in rock bands. I think there’s an emergence of bands that have the right idea. I mean, Lzzy’s band [Halestorm] gets up there and rocks it, you know.

“I always point the young bands towards the Foo Fighters. ‘Go see Foo Fighters, go see Green Day,’ you know, bands that really bring it every night.

“I mean, that’s what we do every night, Guns N’ Roses are doing it now again, it’s just – don’t ever lose the energy, remember what your music is, it’s rock ‘n’ roll. I think we’ve moved back into that period now.

“I was at the Grammys this year, there was barely one rock band there. That was it, you know, so I think rock now has become outlawed again, which I think is good.

“I think maybe we were too mainstream for a while, now it’s great to be on the outside looking in again, and that gives us that underdog edge.”

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