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Alice Cooper, Blink-182 and Green Day reacts to mean tweets

Alice Cooper on Jimmy Kimmel

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Alice Cooper, Blink-182 and Green Day reacts to mean tweets

One of the most famous parts from the show presented by Jimmy Kimmel – who recently commanded the Oscars for the second consecutive year is “Mean Tweets”. The idea is very simple: to invite famous people (actors, players, musicians, etc.) and have them read bad tweets that people publish about them.

Recently, Kimmel made a music-themed show and invited a large and diverse range of artists to participate. And among them were some rock stars.

Alice Cooper was one of the first. “I’m watching Alice Cooper and all I can think about is that he looks like a bag of makeup balls.” The iconic star cannot do anything but agree. “Fair,” he said.

The Blink-182 laughed at the honesty of the tweet: “To say that Blink-182 is your favorite band is like saying you’re happy to have herpes.” Finally, Green Day had to face a somewhat eschatological comment. “I left more talent in my toilet this morning than Green Day ever had.” Drummer Tre Cool answered the pitch. “I’m glad you’re thinking of us as you poop. We must be doing something right. ”

See the video below:

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