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AC/DC sound engineer confirms that band was in studio

ACDC new studio album

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AC/DC sound engineer confirms that band was in studio

Mike Fraser, AC/DC’s long-time sound engineer, responsible for recording and mixing the band’s latest album, “Rock Or Bust” in 2014, and working with bands such as Rush, Guns N ‘Roses, Metallica and Led Zeppelin, confirmed that they were in the studio “doing something”.


When asked if the rumors are true of a new AC/DC album during an interview with Australian journalist Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz, Fraser replied: “Well, yes, i can tell they were in the studio doing something . What will result i cannot comment further … ”

Tony then asks if Brian is singing, and Fraser replies with a laugh: “I think so.”

Watch the interview below:

New album

A new image was shared on February said that Brian Johnson return to AC/DC and new album were shared by the singer of the American band Terrorizer. He talked to Johnson in Florida’s airport, on Monday (28), which was reported by vocalist Sam Molina on the group’s page at Facebook. Brian confirmed his return to AC/DC and the bands new album.

They said on their Facebook page:

“We ran into Brian Johnson from ACDC at the airport today after the flight home and we asked him about the rumors of him being on the new ACDC album and he said “Yes” and that he is “Sick of denying it”. So that was a cool surprise ending to the tour.”

AC/DC fans are waiting for news of a new album of the band since August last year when rumors that Brian Johnson would be back to the group moved the internet. So far, only photos of him alongside drummer Phil Rudd, along with guitarists Angus Young and Stevie Young, outside Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios in Canada, pointed to the return. There the band recorded the albums “Stiff Upper Lip”, 2000; “Black Ice”, 2008; and “Rock Or Bust”, from 2014.

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