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Music is more than just noise, it’s a religion. So we always call her for help when we need to recover our wounds and go face the battle once again. So, to prepare you, here’s a great list of songs to hear and get instantly motivaded.


Check it out:

“You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” by Judas Priest

Screaming for Vengeance (1982)

“Out there is a fortune waiting to be had, if you think I’ll let you go you’re mad, you’ve got another thing comin”. This Judas song always makes you want to go out right now and start to conquer your dreams! The heavy riffs and the awesome lyrics gives us a feeling that go right to our souls after we hear those heavy cords from Glenn Tipton and K.K Downing guitars. And being sung by the Metal God himself, Rob Halford, it is more than a divine message to you, to wake up, be strong and face the world to achieve success!


“Never Surrender” by Saxon

Denim and Leather (1982)

This song is a real punch in the face of our fears. The great riff and powerful Biff Byford’s voice shows us with no secret that we need to “stand up and fight them all” if we want to achieve something in life. The perfect choice when you need to be motivated for some reason. “Never surrender, when you’re up against the world, never surrender, stand up fight them all”.


“Hey Stoopid” by Alice Cooper

Hey Stoopid (1991)

Sometimes we get sad and need to hear things that can show us that is possible to stand up again, be brave and happy. The Alice Cooper lyrics to this song is everything you need if you’re feeling down and thinking about bad things, so “c’mon girl, it’s a better day, get your foot out of that grave”.

*The song has special backing vocals from Ozzy Osbourne


“Keep On Growing” by Derek and The Dominos

Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (1970)

This awesome song sung by Eric Clapton can be like a great mantra to pass through our greatest challenges in life, just pay attention to the lyrics saying all the time “Keep On Growing”, cause that’s all we got to do, always evolve our knowledge and love! And if it is all the Eric Clapton blues swing telling us that, who we are to disagree?

“Jukebox Hero” by Foreigner

4 (1981)

This amazing Foreigner hit it is the ultimate overcoming song, that really makes us compare it to very similar things we had faced over the years. We started with nothing to go conquer everything we’ve had always dreamed about. So you need to cheer up, be brave and work hard,  “gotta keep on rocking, someday gonna make it to the top and be a juke box hero”!


“Built For Speed” by Motörhead

Orgasmatron (1986)

“I was born to rock´n´roll, everything I need, i was born with the hammer down, i was built for speed”

This is the song to turn you to a real version of Lemmy Kilmister: faster, stronger and invincible! There is no way to stay down to the heaviness of this tune that can really shake you up and get on your feet again to face your problems and challenges. So listen to Mr. Lemmy and “Don´t you listen to a single word, against rock´n´roll, the new religion, the electric church, the only way to go”.

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